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Kites are the main theme here. Mine are often looking like fishes.
Pictures of our kites 
and pictures of visited festivals

Gaby and me are also working at the
To make it easier for our international friends, I started in November 2012 to tag some of the pages and pictures in the most common language: 'Bad English'. Hope it helps and contains not too many bugs. These concerns mainly to 'international festivals' and 'my kites'. Older pages are still 'German' only.

Never the less:
pictures are mostly 'multilingual'
Some Plans are still available.   

Düsseldorfer Drachenfreunde  
Since 1987 we are building and flying kites together.

InteressenGemeinschaft  DrachenMeisterschaft
As the successor of the DCD the IGDM organized the anual international kite championships  since 2006.
Due to the lack of interest from festival organisers and participants the IGDM stopped working 2012. 

Not longer available since January 2008.
Due to the will of his members (>500) the club is terminated since 2006.